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First Responder

This course is designed to teach First Responders advanced first aid techniques: how to sustain life, prevent further injuries and the consequences of further injury until more advanced medical personnel arrive.To provide medical attention to victims in need is an invaluable link to the lifesaving effort. Effective First Responders to any emergency need to understand what they should do, how to use their life support kit, how to improvise and how to assist other Emergency Medical Service providers.

Course Content

  • Patient Assessment
  • Hemorrhage Control
  • Bandaging and Splinting
  • Hazardous Material Situations
  • Spinal Immobilization
  • CPR and Defibrillation
  • EMS Operations
  • Triaging
  • Multiple Casualty Incidents
  • Casualty Sorting
  • The Visual Survey
  • Sorting the Patients
  • Special Consideration Patients (Pediatric, Geriatric, etc)

Target Group

  • Persons with the responsibility of dealing with emergencies both medical and trauma
  • Law enforcement professionals
  • Lifeguards
  • Firefighters
  • Teachers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Individuals interested in being prepared to deal with such emergencies